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April Issue of Bloggers Recommend

If you aren’t already subscribing to Bloggers Recommend, I highly recommend that you sign up. Every month, a group of book bloggers blurb brand new fiction and non-fiction from that upcoming month. The blurbs are short, but they give you a sense of what the book is about and why the blogger thought it was a notable read. After reading this month’s issue of Bloggers Recommend, I added at least 4 new books to my TBR list.

I contribute a monthly column for Bloggers Recommend called Perspectives on Reading. This month, I wrote a column called “Audio vs. Print: Does The Medium Make a Difference?” about the different experiences of listening to a book instead of reading it.

Give Bloggers Recommend a read and if you like what you see, please subscribe and follow BR on Facebook and Twitter.


Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway for Pack Up The Moon by Rachael Herron.

Congratulations to the winner: Karen White (audiobook narrator and friend of EDIWTB)!!

Monthly Column in Bloggers Recommend

The March issue of Bloggers Recommend is out! Very exciting. Lots of intriguing books are coming out this month, including Deployment, which is on my TBR list.

I have started writing a monthly column for Bloggers Recommend. My first column is on page 10 of the March issue, and asks, “Can reading survive in our multitasking world?”

Check out the issue!

Book Haul From The Strand

You know what I DON’T need? More books!

But I recently found myself with the opportunity to go to The Strand, which I couldn’t pass up. Thanks to my Goodreads to-read list, I ended up with these books:

photo 1 (1)Here is the list:

The Obituary Writer by Ann Hood (I have wanted this since it came out; have heard that it is better than The Red Thread)

How to Be An American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway

How to Be A Good Wife by Emma Chapman (see a theme here?)

In Zanesville by Jo Ann Beard (coming of age in the 70s)

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler (highly recommended by Ann Patchett)

The Antagonist by Lynn Coady

Shout Her Lovely Name by Natalie Serber (short stories)

Tell The Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt (have wanted this since it came out too)

Sparta by Roxana Robinson (read the Q&A with Robinson about Sparta here)

If you’ve read any of these, please weigh in! What am I in store for?

Winners of Recent Giveaways

Congratulations to the winners of recent giveaways on EDIWTB:

The winner of A Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meissner is Kelly S.!

And the winner of The Last Letter From Your Lover by Jojo Moyes is Amy M.!

Thanks to everyone for entering.  More giveaways to come in March.


Happy Valentine’s Day, EDIWTB readers! I hope you have a romantic and relaxing holiday.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am currently surrounded by upcoming releases that look very promising.

Last year, I read and loved Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes, a book that swept the blogosphere and deservedly landed on a lot of best-of-2013 lists. In Will and Louisa, Moyes created one of the more enduring couples that I’ve come across in recent fiction.

It seems fitting to feature Jojo Moyes on Valentine’s Day. Before Me Before You, she wrote a novel called The Last Letter From Your Lover. From Amazon:

A Brief Encounter for our time, The Last Letter from Your Lover is a sophisticated, spellbinding double love story that spans decades and thrillingly evokes a bygone era. In 1960, Jennifer Stirling wakes in the hospital and remembers nothing—not the car accident that put her there, not her wealthy husband, not even her own name. Searching for clues, she finds an impassioned letter, signed simply “B,” from a man for whom she seemed willing to risk everything. In 2003, journalist Ellie Haworth stumbles upon the letter and becomes obsessed with learning the unknown lovers’ fate—hoping it will inspire her own happy ending. Remarkably moving, this is a novel for romantics of every age.

I have one copy of The Last Letter From Your Lover to read and review, and one to give away to an EDIWTB reader. If you’d like to win a copy of this romantic book, leave me a comment below. I will pick a winner next Friday, February 21.

Good luck!

Giveaway: A FALL OF MARIGOLDS by Susan Meissner

I have gotten pitches lately for SO MANY BOOKS that look really good. As a result, I’ve been on a review copy spree. It is an embarrassment of riches at my house. Books everywhere. I don’t know how I am going to get to a tenth of these books. Sigh.

Well, at least I can write about them, even if I haven’t read them yet. Then you guys can read them! And, in some cases, I can give them away.

Here is my first giveaway for February:  A Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meissner. The synopsis from Penguin:

A beautiful scarf, passed down through the generations, connects two women who learn that the weight of the world is made bearable by the love we give away….

September 1911. On Ellis Island in New York Harbor, nurse Clara Wood cannot face returning to Manhattan, where the man she loved fell to his death in the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. Then, while caring for a fevered immigrant whose own loss mirrors hers, she becomes intrigued by a name embroidered onto the scarf he carries…and finds herself caught in a dilemma that compels her to confront the truth about the assumptions she’s made. Will what she learns devastate her or free her?

September 2011. On Manhattan’s Upper West Side, widow Taryn Michaels has convinced herself that she is living fully, working in a charming specialty fabric store and raising her daughter alone. Then a long-lost photograph appears in a national magazine, and she is forced to relive the terrible day her husband died in the collapse of the World Trade Towers…the same day a stranger reached out and saved her. Will a chance reconnection and a century-old scarf open Taryn’s eyes to the larger forces at work in her life?

I like the construct of this book and definitely have it on my TBR list.

If you’d like to win a copy of A Fall of Marigolds, leave me a comment here. I will pick a winner a week from today, February 19th. Thank you to Penguin for providing this giveaway!